About us

The story behind Maikler

Maikler was founded in 2020 with the aim of providing both men and women with stylish, user-friendly and well-protected phone accessories. The brand was founded by a close bond between father and son. Both with a passion for fashion and technology, they discovered that there was a gap in the telephone industry.

Cell phones cost quite a bit these days. After a few 'accidents' we realized that protecting your phone is very important and can save you a lot of inconvenience. Looking for a protective case, we soon discovered that it is difficult to find a stylish case that also offers complete protection for your phone. One half of the phone cases were protective, but too thick and rugged. The other phone cases looked nice, but offered almost no protection to your mobile phone. The market is flooded with outdated and overpriced models.

We want to offer quality and design at fair prices. From that moment on, we came up with the idea of ​​founding Maikler. A phone brand that's stylish, protective and affordable. By using a chic logo, fine workmanship and high-quality materials, Maikler takes a step in the field of telephone accessories.

"Our vision is to make a cell phone part of a person's style"

Maikler is the telephone brand of Mike & Lars. Together we develop phone cases that provide optimal protection and radiate class. The covers are carefully selected and composed and consist of high-quality materials that offer optimal protection. They meet the highest quality requirements that Maikler sets for its products. We think it is important that our customers keep coming back because they are satisfied with our products.

Our mission is to protect your phone with an inspiring and stylish case.

Distinguishing from others makes a person unique.

Be Yourself; Be Maikler...

Maikler It Is!